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How to Develop Australian Pokies Website: Case Study & Technologies Overview

The importance of a website for a modern-day business cannot be overemphasized business. Even for a brick and mortar setup, it is almost impossible to run a business without a web presence. Consumers go online to find almost anything to talk about products, services, location, or research. Since the internet is the new normal for customers to turn for everything, you'd be limited and missing your market share if you lack a web presence.

For the online pokies Australia organizations, the story is not different. The Aussie pokies industry has thrived over the years by utilizing websites to reach millions of subscribers. Gamers have almost 24/7 access to pokies at an instant by visiting different websites that provide them. One does not necessarily need to know coding or web dev skills to develop a functional and traffic attracting website.

With the advancement in technology and website design software, developing a website is becoming easier by the day. More importantly, creating an Australian pokies website requires more than coding skills. A useful and functional site like is a product of a well-thought-out plan and design. Also, you need to have an idea of what your website should look like before starting to create one. Here are four basic steps to follow in creating an Australian pokies website.

  1. Register Your Domain Name

Choose your domain name carefully to reflect your product or service so that customers can easily find you through search engines. Besides, it is more professional for subscribers to get email messages from a name that reflects your business, so choose wisely. has the word pokies in its domain name, making it easy for customers to relate with the site and locate it through an online search. Search for the Australian domain name administrator (auDA) to register or renew your domain name.

  1. Choose a Web Hosting Service

Get a reputable web hosting company to get your domain on the internet. Check the different plans that would cater to the number of visitors you are expecting on your website. Most internet service providers offer email services so that you may add that to your plan.

  1. Gather Your Contents

What do you want customers to do on your pokies site? That will help you come up with sections or pages to include on the website. Think about the information your customers would like to see and not just what you’d like them to see. A content writer may help create your pages, as well as a professional designing your site.

  1. Build Your Website

Now, it’s time to put all together to come up with a functional website. Do it yourself using a publishing package or hire a professional to design your website. The latter option is advisable if your website incorporates financial transactions. Besides, if you plan to run the best online pokies real money in Australia, you must plan to launch a dynamic website to reflect your product/service. Plan for on-going maintenance and mobile optimization so that customers using smartphones can access your site easily.

Determine the primary purpose & Make up a Strategy

If you want your business to keep up with current market trends and maintain its relevance, you must be ready to conduct your market research regularly. Carrying out market research is inevitable in understanding your target market, driving business growth, and increasing sales through your website. Below are critical factors to consider before setting out to design your Aussie pokies site.

  • Identifying potential new customers that involve demographics like age range of customers, gender, marital status, and geographical location.

  • Understanding your existing customers and what influences their decisions will help improve the business and identify selling opportunities with existing customers.

  • Setting realistic goals for continuous improvement as well as business growth.

  • Developing new, effective strategies.

It is also essential to have a clear cut purpose for your website because that will influence the marketing techniques and strategies of driving traffic to the site. Some websites are geared towards selling, while others focus on entertainment and information. Knowing where your site falls goes a long way in the planning and implementation of SEO for a functional website.

The sites that rank on the first page of Google and major search engines are not there by mistake. They used SEO to help Google understand what their content is about. To achieve this, extensive research is required to determine how users search for specific topics. This way, you can better optimize your page. is an online casino website with a strategic plan implemented in the design, market research, and SEO to attract customers. The website has a vast pokies library and detailed guidelines for gamers to play various games for free. On, users need no download or registration to access over 200 best online pokies real money games for free. Besides, users can find useful tips and strategies on PokiesLAB to play real money games. But it didn't just happen; it takes a good structure and plans to achieve it.

In creating a website like, you should implement the following, including there are fundamental strategies:

  • Brand strategy: It involves uncovering critical insights and questions while identifying the goals of the brand. It also consists in stating the mission success to support organizational strategy and a brief that summarized the specific purposes for content, technology, and design.

  • Content strategy: It helps to solve the issue of developing content that engages. Questions like "What content do we have?" "How good is it?" and "How will new content be produced?" must be answered.

  • Technology strategy: It is critical to making sure budgets don’t get blown up. You are installing the right CMS to meet needs and bringing in developers for proactive engagement.

  • Design strategy: It raps it all to create brand experiences the audience can engage with.

Best CMS for creating Pokies Affiliate Site

Suppose you want to get the job done faster and more efficiently, you source for CMS. A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that uses a database (MySQL) or other ways to create, edit, and easily store HTML web content.

Two major terms are being used for CMS; the Backend where content is created and edited for the web, the Frontend where content is displayed to viewers. CMS also offers extra features, like the use of additional code, known as plugins, modules, or extensions, themes that determine your website's look and feel.

CMS has a lot of benefits, which makes them flexible and widely acceptable. The administrative Backend allows you to control and install these features.

  • Blogging capabilities

  • User registration

  • Manage event

  • Contact form creation

  • Online form creation

  • Forum capability

And many more benefits.

Let’s take a look at the CMS that is available in Australia.

  • WordPress : this is a trusted content development company in Australia that has built websites for startups and enterprises. It is an open-source CMS that is easy to install and setup. WordPress supports large websites and comes with many features, themes, plugins, templates, etc.

  • Kentico : It is another CMS development company that has additional features of online marketing and eCommerce solutions. Kentico CMS is not free, but it is worth the investment.

  • Drupal : It manages content effectively, which enables organizations to meet the growing expectations of customers. Also, Drupal has unmatched security features.

  • Magento CMS : It provides a different channel experience, allows clients to sell in-store and online to integrate with third-party software. It is most flexible to use. It has the best integration and extensions, faster coding, robust dashboard, SEO centric approach, etc.

  • Joomla CMS : It comes with beneficial features like multilingual support, page caching, RSS feeds, website searching, e-commerce extension, etc.

Step-by-step guide in setting WordPress website

This process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes without any professional skill.

  • Choose a Domain Name. This step affects how your audience will find you, so it is important to choose a domain representing your brand. Also, bear in mind simplicity; for example, “” is better than "" After this, you will need to buy your name from a hosting company, and it is advisable to pick a hosting company provided by WordPress. You can choose Bluehost.

  • Choose your package and set up your Hosting Account. You will need to create an account for your hosting plan. Personal information, budget, billing information, and a password are all required at this stage.

  • Choose a Theme. You can choose either a generic theme or upgrade to one of the premium themes.

  • Learn Your WordPress Dashboard. This is the Backend that enables you to control what your visitors see on your website. You can learn more on the WordPress admin dashboard.

  • Customize Themes and Pages. This involves choosing the colour, font styles, etc. At the left-hand sidebar, you'll find navigation links that allow you to customize your site.

Adding Content to the Website

A practical and useful content development strategy can only get you so far. The benefits of content development and marketing are undeniable. Below are some step-by-step guides on how to add content, filter it, and be useful for your users.

  • Collect as much information as possible - information like target demographics, key competitors, site goals, etc. Google Analytics and Search Console are great tools for this purpose.

  • Once that is done, we look at Blog Topic Analysis. You could look at the performance of that drives most organic traffic. You can then use the method to find solution-centric keyword research, indirect topic analysis, and Quora topic analysis.

  • Build a content strategy and editorial calendar . You look for keywords that receive 50+ searches/month and have an Ahrefs keyword difficulty score of 0-10. For small casinos, a search volume of 500 is excellent but for bigger ones over 2,000 monthly searches is important. After building a decent backlink profile, you then target those higher-value keywords. Ahrefs has an excellent guide to keyword research.

  • Write . Neil Patel says , "If you want to rank well, your content needs to be better than every other result on the front page of Google." Long-form content generates more backlinks than short blog posts.

  • Search engine optimization and publishing . Here it would help if you considered readability, word count, related keywords, etc. that are attractive to search engines. The casino industry requires some additional content information. For example, has content involving slot reviews and guides. These contents are useful in targeting a specific audience because they incorporate relevant keywords like online pokies Australia, best online pokies real money, Aussie pokies, and more to boost their SEO.

  • Promote the website on social media . This also leads to more backlinks.

  • Go over your development . It’s a continuous process that starts as soon as it ends. You review every month to see if the content marketing efforts are working.

Psychology-Based Design for Pokies site

A good design will also contribute to the effectiveness of a website. It creates an interaction between the website and the user and further influences the user's decisions and actions. Some might say they are not burned to design, or design is a gift given to some set of persons. This is not always true. You can get inspiration for the design from so many things. The right kind of motivation will still help you come up with creative and unique ideas. Inspiration could come from travelling to exciting places, hitting up antique stores, Motionographers, Pinterest, and sometimes Instagram.

As much as you want to keep your website colourful, it would help if you also had it in mind that it has to be user friendly.

These are some of the things to consider in improving user experience and building trust with your website.

  • Visual Control: Layout guides the user towards what the designer wants them to focus on, the reading patterns, spacing, and minimalism. Colour says more about web content and must be used for that reason and not compromise brand identity. Blue says calm, trust, and loyalty; yellow says haste and draws in the eyes; green says nature while black says sophistication, seriousness, and luxury. Checking the colour designs are yellow, blue and black and both combine to tell of the trust, loyalty and culture of the brand. Typeface tells more about the tone of writing.

  • Mind Control: earn users trust, interact and use triggers.

  • Behaviour Control: Maintaining consistency, positive reinforcement and signs to take private information.

Pokies Platform SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short is used to describe techniques to increase the awareness of your website and attract more traffic. Using relevant keywords will make search engines like Google to recognize you and rank your site well for search results. This will lead to more visitors on your casino website.

There are two types of SEO; the On-page and Off-page SEO and implement both types. On-page SEO includes fixing things found on your website, like images, headers, page title and body content. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, deals with signals from another website, like links, and social media marketing.

Maintaining your SEO

  • Know your keywords. Conduct keyword research using Google Analytics and review them every month. It is essential to check your keywords regularly because there is a lot of competition in ranking casinos. Also, take note not to use too many keywords as it may cause your website to be penalized by Search engines and will hurt your website.

  • Optimize your page - Check your entire site and optimize appropriately. optimizes each page (games, bonus offer, etc.) for relevant terms by using specific and not too many keywords like online pokies Australia, Aussie pokies, best online pokies real money, etc.

  • Maintain consistent content publication.

  • Know how to measure your SEO performance by learning the content that was more appealing to your customers. Also, to note is the page that attracted the most and fewer visitors, the changes that led to high ranking and which keyword you need to focus on. Some tools help to measure your SEO performance, and they include; Data studio, Ubersuggest, SEMrush and Screaming Frog.

  • Publish your reviews too. It has a serious impact on your site’s conversion rate.

The Launch of Pokies Website in Australia

To make your casino site rank top, you must promote your site, keep it updated and optimize the site. Below are some of the things to be done to help your site always rant top.

  • Improve the loading speed of your site - web users are initially concerned about the speed of your site. They want to be able to get access to sites content as soon as possible. Adjusting your images will highly boost the loading speed of your website. You can test with the Page Speed Insight tool offered by Google, and change your code accordingly.

  • Do not use the wrong keyword. Use specific keywords that are relevant to your site and contents and always update the contents. updates contents like the game library, review, new release and more to keep the website dynamic and functional.

  • Make sure your site is user friendly. Simple things like keywords, content layout and Meta tags can draw or chase a visitor away from your site.

  • Perform time to time SEO analysis. This will help you know the performance of your SEO and not allow your competitors to rank over you.

  • Make use of social media platforms. This increases the visibility of your site to new users.

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