New big game press release distribution service launched

Finland -- January 8, 2007 -- Mitorah Games ( is pleased to announce the launch of the new big game press release distribution service.

Use the service to get press and gaming site exposure for your newly released game.

Submitting a press release to over 200 top computer game press contacts like we do is the most valuable way to market your game. Low cost, huge results. We currently have the best value for money prices.
As a result, your game is likely to get many important, sales bringing reviews and your website traffic and Google Page Rank will definitely get a major boost.

The list is 100% biggest computer game publications' (Linux and Mac too) up to date contacts.

The sent e-mails are uniquely personalized for a better effect. In the database we have for example: FirstName,#ABCDEFG Games#. The FirstName and SiteName variables are used in the e-mail in a way that makes it seem like we sent the e-mail manually to them

For more information, please visit the Game Press Release Submission page at Mitorah Games.

About Mitorah Games:
Established 2004. Mitorah Games is an independent game development team which focuses in downloadable computer games, rapid game development and game marketing tools. We also act as a publisher of our own and several hand-picked partner's games.

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