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Game Press Release Distribution Service at Mitorah Games

Use the service to submit your game press release to over top 200+ computer games publications along with websites where less known journalists go to gather press releases to post about. All of the contacts have a strong online presence.
Most are game news and reviews sites. Some are Gaming magazine sites etc.

This is the most valuable way to market your game. Low cost, big results.
As a result, your game is likely to get many important, sales bringing reviews and mentions and your website traffic and Google rankings will get a boost.

You get 100% of your money back in these cases:
  • If you e-mail me to cancel before I start working on the press release.
    This guarantees that I'll review and submit your press release as soon as possible when you want.
  • If your press release or parts of it do not get displayed in at least four websites that also feature other games related content, within three weeks of distribution and you e-mail me within 40 days of submission stating that you're not satisfied with the results.
  • Game press release distribution for 64,95 EUR.
  • Optional add-on: Co-writing for 64,95 EUR.
  • B2B, No VAT is charged.

Practically all payment methods are accepted. Click here to order

Why use this service to distribute game press releases

For example Battles of Norghan sold only 1 copy in the time period (of over a week) before a press release was submitted to hundreds of sites like we do and after that, within 2 months, the game went from having earned $23.72 to over $2000 profit from direct website sales through And later on to over $20000.
Naturally with a better game you'll get better results. This example was just to demonstrate the difference between making a press release and not making one.

The list is 100% biggest game publications contacts (PC, Linux, Mac, iPhones/iTouches/iPads, Android and consoles). The list is updated when needed. Your game will be sent to the right person on big sites based on genre.

The list was gathered mainly for Mitorah Games to be able to send free press releases to updated and correct contacts but it wouldn't have been worth all that effort unless I'd release a service which enables others to use it as well.

I understand the budgets of independent game developers well so you are given an indie /
low budget game developer price.

Game Press Release Distribution quotes by professional independent game developers

Indie Gamer is considered a professional independent game development related board.
Indie Gamer discussion about the importance of a game press release:
  • "I sent the news on one of the MAGI updates through them [Mitorah Games] and the results were great. My traffic was slowly dying back then and two days after the release, I've got a concerned letter from my web host, saying that I suddenly started using too much bandwidth (20GB per day in demo downloads)." - Tom Grochowiak
  • "Sending out a press release provides excellent bang-for-buck." - Sillysoft Games
  • "On $100, I'd make the game without a budget and spend the $100 on a good press release."
    - Glimmer Games
  • "It seems the only useful advice anyone gets these days is to pay for a press release submission."
    - Nick from Moonpod
  • "Press releases are always worth it. Don't think just do it." - Jagged Blade Software
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