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Battles of Norghan
Battles of Norghan - Updated in 2016! - RPG Turn-based strategy
Battles of Norghan is a unique fantasy turn-based strategy game with RPG and team managing elements. Recruit mercenaries of 22 different fantasy races and many classes to fight for your clan from one turn-based battle to another in divisions and cups while training, teaching spells and buying equipment from a very broad selection for the clan's mercenaries. More...
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Windows game
Download Battles of Norghan Demo VersionBuy Battles of Norghan

Bomb Defense Game
Bomb Defense - Physics-based tower defense/puzzle/strategy game
Bomb Defense is our unique kind of a game in development. Features awesome explosions, physics and rag doll effects. You get a limited amount of money to buy bombs, traps, turrets and walls and place them in clever positions to defend against enemies trying to harm your curious little kitten Mimi who, for some reason, keeps wandering into an array of sinister dungeons.
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Royal Envoy
Royal Envoy - Tycoon Real-time strategy game
In Royal Envoy you take the King's challenge and save the land of countless islands from the forces of nature. Build and upgrade homes and buildings for the citizens of the islands and become the chief city planner of the wonderful Islandshire. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing tycoon strategy game with pirates, treasure, hot-air balloon adventures and much more!
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Tradewinds Odyssey
Tradewinds Odyssey - Adventure RPG Strategy game
Tradewinds Odyssey, the newest game in the highly-acclaimed Tradewinds series, takes you on an adventurous journey across ancient Greece. There gods, heroes and monsters of legend await. Trade by creating and spreading goods to new lands as you build, strengthen and upgrade your fleet into a powerful force. Cast spells or use your hero's talent to demolish enemies in battle in this adventure RPG strategy game.
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Master Of Defense
Master Of Defense - Fantasy Real-time strategy game
Become the master of defense in this RTS game. Build towers to defend your citizens from all kinds of monsters. Upgrade or build new towers with earned gold and add on special abilities through skill points you've gained. Choose your defense carefully. Don't let a monster get past your guard!
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