C++ 2D Game Engine Cross-Platform Games Engine

C++ Cross-platform Mitorah Games Engine™

The still in development Mitorah Games Engine is derived and greatly enchanced from Popcap engine. It's designed to make commercial downloadable game development a LOT faster and easier. Preview documentation.

  • Great 2D drawing performance, flexibility and ease of use.

  • Cross-platform; Windows (95 - Vista), Mac and Linux.

  • The game engine has been fully tested on all platforms and it has no known bugs.

  • MGE is being used to develop our upcoming second game. MGE will not be released before the game has been released.

  • Has also been used to develop other types of software.

  • Programs created with the engine have low system requirements
    (supports even Windows 95 and DirectX 6).

  • Commercial licenses will be available when the engine is released. sign up in our newsletter or keep checking this page to know when.

  • Includes a game framework which you then add game specific code into and your game's code is done.

  • You can even develop a full game with this engine by editing MGE text files or with our upcoming WYSIWYG GUI tool add-on, but most commercial games naturally require at least some custom programming also.

  • Every detail gets loaded from a text file only once so using the text files doesn't decrease performance.

  • Using the text files is optional but recommended for a major development speed boost.

  • The game's MGE text files are optionally re-loaded every time you re-activate the window so you can modify the game while you play!

  • MGEngine text files contain plain english so no programming skills are required to understand them.

  • Full demo recording and play-back, great for bug fixing, tutorials and even great help for turn-based online multi-player games:

  • Optimized low output file size and no performance penalty demo recording/play-back which records and displays every action of the recorder.

  • The demos are as easy to watch as watching someone else playing. (The demo functionality is unique and has no parts from the original game engine's demo functionality).

  • The sound system of the engine supports .ogg files and is running on its own thread using a message based system, so you can even start playing your game before the sounds have been loaded etc.

  • The engine comes with GameVars and loading conditions from text files functionality, so that you can do some basic C++ like conditional scripting within the MGEngine text files and change it even while the game is running and see the results immediately.

    For example: Functionality on left-click: PLAYSOUND "woodknock1"; CALL_ALERTBOX "FirstAB"; if(Bad > 0 && Text != "Hello") DECREMENTINT "Bad,1"; REPORT;
    (Using REPORT you can handle the rest of the action's functionality in your game's code easily.) The GameVars can optionally even be declared in a run-time loaded .cpp file(s).
    The game engine has all the imagineable common pre-programmed script commands similar to PLAYSOUND.

  • Comes with full C++ source code or as a library file along with full documentation.

  • More information coming...
Click to read the online preview documentation.

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