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Please fill this form completely. I'll then review the information and if co-writing; finish the press release or tell you what more I need and send it back for your approval. After you've paid and it's the preferred date of submission, I'll distribute the press release.
Here's a sample HTML press release sent using this service. I prefer this format.

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Payment options

I'll write a typo-free standard press release myself and copy paste it to the big box below. I will also send it by e-mail as an attachment or email body text (.html or .txt preferred) to "tero [..@..} mitorahgames#com".
You'll prepare it for distribution and distribute it. (64,95 EUR)

I'll co-write it with you. I'll supply an initial, perhaps unfinished press release or finished overview.
Mitorah Games will convert it to proper formats, make it more appealing, add text and whatever needed and distribute it. (129,90 EUR)

* Press release or overview with screenshot and demo links: (HTML Allowed)

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