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Downloading PC Games and Where You Can Play Them Online

Gone are the days when you had to walk all the way to a local Game-shop and queue up only to find out that the game you wanted so badly is out of stock then walk out feeling frustrated. Thanks to the internet you can now have all the PC you games you want at the click of a button. All you need is a PC and an internet connection to download your favorite games. Mitorah is a one-stop online store with a wide collection of both online and offline PC games. Lately, these a sharp rise in the number of PC games sold online. As long as the internet exists, the developers will keep producing the games and supplying them to established ecommerce platforms. According to a study by PWC, in 2015 alone, the sale of PC games over the internet generated over $7 billion. The number is projected to rise in 2016. In this article, I share with you on how to download PC games at Mitorah; a leading developer of PC games. I also share with you on why you should consider gaming online and a reliable platform where you can enjoy the games.

Cautious About Online Games?

Do you ever feel skeptical about downloading PC games from web stores? Well, your fears are in order because many websites take advantage of your need for PC games to sell you malicious programs or files. That’s why you need Mitorah; A reliable game developer and web store where you can download legitimate games developed by experienced programmers.

Quick Guide to Scanning PC Games before downloading

If you are nervous that you could accidentally download a fake game or a malicious file then this is for you. There are chances that the PC game could malfunction or fail to run on your PC. It is therefore important to check the PC requirements of the game before you begin downloading it. Besides, there are tons of high quality stuff in the market but for almost every original there’s a fake version. These fake versions could be hell-bent on making money, stealing information from your PC or messing up your operating system for no apparent reason. Here are a few tips that could help you out.

  • Visit the website

Launch into the website from which you would like to download the game and browse through the games available. Once you find a specific game that you are interested in, select it from the drop down menu then click on “Can you run it’’ button. Many sites have this button to help you determine whether or not the PC you are browsing from can run the game. The application will do a quick review on the PC’s specs and give you a recommendation based on whether or not the game is compatible with the computer. If it’s not, the application will show the recommended minimum specs on which the game can run.

  • Analyzing The test result

Once your run the game to see how compatible to your computer, the results will be displayed on a webpage where you can view and countercheck with the specs of your PC to see if the results are accurate. If the results show that your PC did not pass the test, don’t worry; there’s still a way you can run the game without necessarily having to drive to a hardware store to improve the specs. You can download a graphics card or swiftshader and install the game. These graphics card will improve the ability of your PC to run a game smoothly even if the specs are below the minimum recommended for the game.

Where to Find Online Games

Most of our games are available of gaming platforms and online casinos. There are many online casinos which you can resort to for fascinating gaming experience. Some have hundreds of games while others have just a few, some are starting up while others are top rated. If you are looking for top notch online casino and you don’t know where to start, I would recommend Arabic Online Casino. Though specially crafted for Arabic speaking countries, you can translate the page to English on Google and enjoy the fun.

Arabic Online Casino is one the most exciting new online casino to launch recently. They have enough casino experience; so if you enjoy gambling and have never tried them, you should. Arabic Online Casino boasts a comprehensive and rich portfolio of very many games. Players using windows have an option of downloading the casino software or play the game on their brand new Flash No-download version of the casino, which would be ideal for Mac or Linux OS users. Arabic online gambling casinos are fully legal so no one should to worry about legality. There are always licenses granted to local providers. Moreover, accessing foreign gambling or betting sites is also absolutely illegal.

Why Arabic Online

There are many reasons why you should consider Arabic Online Casino, here are a few of them.

Fantastic Gaming Odds

One key advantage of Arabic Online Casino over other online casinos is the opportunity to make money. All online casinos give you the opportunity to quench your thirst for casino games and make some money but not many of them give you the odds close to those at the Arabic Online Casino. You can play as much as you want or as little as you wish but still have a higher chance of making more money as compared to other online casinos. Also, you will not feel pressured to play any more than you want to.

Beautiful Platform

When you get to playing online, you’d definitely love to experience the same feeling you would experience at a physical casino, save for the rowdy participants, the pressure to play more than your wallet would allow and the foul smoke. Arabic has a very live and user friends platform. The background music for every game will make you feel like you are in an actual casino.

You Can Play Anywhere

The biggest unique selling point of online casino gaming is the privacy, convenience and availability. All you need in order to play and gamble is an access to the internet. You don’t have to be at a given defined physical location to play online, you can do it at the comfort of your home. And you don’t need a schedule; you can play 24/7.

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