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Why Poker Tools are Bad For the Online Game

Years ago there was no software that aided people in playing online Poker. people relied on their knowledge of the game when playing it. this has since changed as people are now relying on various software that aid people in the game. This puts the game of Poker in danger, here is why we think so

Leisure Players Are Getting Killed

Recreational or Leisure Poker players contribute a lot, this is because casinos like depend on these players. These players are not happy because they are now losing every day due to the fact that some players use software that detect weaknesses of all players at a Poker table.

They will end up deciding not to play and this will cost casinos greatly. Most people will also lose in the long run because of the rake.

It is Not Fun to Play With Software

Playing Poker is really fun, you would identify leaks and weaknesses of your opponent. You would then pick the perfect spot that gave you advantage over your opponent. That is no longer the case all because of Poker programs that are now being used by most regulars. The path of becoming an online Poker pro is no longer interesting as most are using software to play for them.

Multi Tabling is Now Easier

Multi tabling has now become a huge problem. Poker Pros have always sat on a number of games concurrently, however the number is growing.

Without software, a Poker player was able to play at about 6 to 9 tables. With software people are now able to play on 15 or even 20 tables without givi9ng up much of their edge.

This makes the game boring; new players will be attacked by everyone.

The Future of Poker

Well casino blackjack online sites are now realising that these software are bad and they are banning some of these software.

There are new formats of Poker that are being released in order to combat these Poker software.

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