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Types of Horse Betting

Although horse betting is quite entertaining, picking the right horse can be challenging. It is difficult to tell whether the horse is going to win or not.

There are so many types of horse betting that you could try when you finally pick that horse that you think will win.

Straight Bets

These are the simplest form of thoroughbred betting. Straight real money slots betting means you are wagering on the horse for it to win and if the horse does not finish first it means you have lost.

Across the board

This is when you place a bet for the horse to come first, for the horse to become second and a bet for the horse to come third.

If the horse comes first, you will be paid for all three wagers. If the horse comes second, you will be paid the second and third bets and if it comes third, you will only be paid for the last bet.

In the money

That is when you bet for the horse twice. You will be placing a bet for the horse to come second and third.

On the nose

This is when you wager for the horse to win and nothing else.


This is when you wager for the horse to come second. If it finishes first or second, you will win and if it finishes third you will lose.


This is when you wager for the horse to finish in third place. If it finishes first or second you will collect the third-place winnings.

Exotic Bets

These are a bit hard to win but they pay more than straight Bets.

Boxed Bets

This bet refers to online casino real money nz on multiple horses.

If you have two horses that you think will win and you are not sure which one will come first and which one will come second, you can bet that this horse will win and the other one will place.

You will also bet vice versa on the two horses.

Daily double

This is when you wager on two separate horses in two separate races and both your horses must come first for you to win.


In this bet, you pick the first two horses that will finish the race in the exact order that they will finish.

Pick 3

This is when you wager on three horses that will finish first in three consecutive races.

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